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Learn to turn a bowl from green wood

In this class you will learn to turn a bowl from freshly cut (green) wood. The class will consist of two sessions.  In the first session, you will earn how to chainsaw a bowl blank from freshly cut wood, how to mount the blank on the lathe, and how and to rough-turn a bowl from your blank.  In the second session, you will learn how to re-turn your bowl once it is fully dry and has finished warping, and how to sand and apply finish to your bowl. It takes about 6 months to dry a green wood bowl. Each session will take about 4 hours, though these times can vary (more or less) depending upon the size of the bowl and the proficiency of the turner. I charge $50 an hour for these sessions.

Woodturning tools need to be kept sharp. On average, a turner will resharpen a tool after 10 minutes of use. This class will teach you how to properly sharpen a bowl gouge, a spindle roughing gouge, a negative rake scraper, and a skew chisel. This 1 hour class will be taught in McLean VA. Class size is limited to four. The class costs $35/person.

Topics covered include Sharpening Safety, Sharpening of skew chisels, spindle roughing gouges and negative rake scrapers using grinder platform, sharpening bowl and spindle gouges using Wolverine Grinding Jig

Tooling and safety equipment will be provided. Students will be expected to provide their own PPE (masks).
Please contact Rick at or through this site to schedule a class.

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