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   I am a woodworker and photographer with special interests in woodturning and landscape photography.  I work with locally grown wood, harvested from the urban forest.  Trees are chosen for their potential to tell a story - black cherry for color and machineability, oak for pronounced  grain, maple for figure and contrast between the bark, sapwood and heartwood.  Forks usually have feathered grain at the area where the limbs merge with the trunk, the base of the tree sometimes has rippled grain formed by time and gravity, the underside of heavy branches may have curly figure resulting from stresses imposed by weather and gravity, and partially rotten wood usually has color changes and spalt lines resulting from fungal activity.  The logs are sectioned to bring out these features, and the sections are shaped on the lathe to balance the grain.  Carving and inlay is used to  accentuate special features in the wood.  Each bowl, vase, or  hollowform I turn is one-of-a-kind. This site presents some of the wooden bowls and vessels that I have turned from locally harvested wood, and some of the photographs of  urban and wilderness landscapes that I have taken.  



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