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9. American Black Cherry platter with flame-carved rim

Price: $350 Size: 12" x 2.5" Status: AVailable

9. American Black Cherry platter with flame-carved rim

This large American Black Cherry platter was cut to ensure the turning blank included both the creamy sapwood and the rich cherry-colored heartwood. The contrast between these two woods creates a strong sense of motion as they swirl together in the finished platter. The platter was roughed out while the wood was still green and put in storage for 6 months to dry. After 6 months of drying, the wood was stable and could be turned a second time to finish dimensions. The bowl was sanded smooth and the rim was embellished by flame-carving. The grain of the platter was popped with Tung Oil (a hardening oil), a barrier coat of shellac was applied, and then multiple coats of lacquer were applied to finish and completely seal the platter.

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