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10. Ambrosia Maple End-Grain Bowl

Price: $500 Size: 11x4" Status: Available

10. Ambrosia Maple End-Grain Bowl

This end-grain bowl was turned from the trunk of a Maple tree that had been extensively colonized by Ambrosia beetles. Female Ambrosia beetles excavate small tunnels into the trunk of the tree, introduce ambrosia fungi spores, and lay eggs to produce a brood. The beetle grubs feed on the growing fungus. The fungus stains the wood along these tunnels, resulting in the elongated and distinctive streaks of color that you can see radiating out from the center of this bowl. The unusual palmate pattern you see is the result of my decision to turn the bowl as an end-grain rather than a side-grain bowl. End-grain bowls require different (and slightly more difficult) turning techniques than side-grain bowls, but sometimes it’s worth the extra effort. The bowl was rough turned, air dried for 6 months, and re-turned to finished dimensions. A small step was cut in the rim tto create a bit of a shadow line. Some of the larger beetle tunnels were carved out and inlaid with sleeping beauty turquoise. The grain of the bowl was popped with Tung Oil (a hardening oil) and then buffed and waxed to create a soft matte finish.

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