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11. American Black Walnut crotch-figured bowl

Price: $450 Size: 11" x 3" Status: Available

11. American Black Walnut crotch-figured bowl

The wood for this Black Walnut bowl was taken from the fork of a tree that came down during a Pandemic storm. The feathered grain that you see is typical of forkwood, but is especially pronounced and vivid in this bowl. The platter was roughed out while the wood was still green and put in storage for 6 months to dry. After 6 months of drying, the wood was stable and could be turned a second time to finish dimensions. A few small cracks that developed as the wood dried were carved away and then inlaid with a mixture of chrysacolla and turquoise. The grain was popped with Tung Oil (a hardening oil), a barrier coat of shellac was applied, and then multiple coats of lacquer were sprayed to finish and seal the bowl.

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